News Feb 5th 2016

Debunking Common Myths: What College Social Life Is Really Like

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From rumours in high school to the portrayals that we constantly see in cinema, the social side of college life is something that has become subject to many different myths and legends over the years. Whilst beginning college and starting this new chapter in your life can be one of the most exciting times ever, it can also be one of the most worrying, and sometimes a student's worry can have a lot to do with all of these different myths about college social life. Allow us to set some records straight for you as we debunk some of the most common myths out there.

“You Will Be An Outsider If You Don't Live In A Dorm”

Living in dorms is only one way of socialising in college. With the combination of your many classes and extra curricular clubs to join, you will have no problem at all meeting and making new friends even if you don't share a living space with them. Living in a dorm is definitely not the be all and end all of the college life experience. One element of college life that does not often get portrayed in the movies is that a large percentage of students either commute from home or live off campus with other friends, you don't have to make the campus your entire world to feel like part of the community.

“If You Don't Drink, You Will Have No Social Life”

This is a myth that is definitely perpetuated by the Hollywood that show every college experience as fraternities throwing parties every single night. A college environment offers so much more than just regular parties. With such a large student body, it is almost guaranteed that you will come in to contact with students who share you exact like and dislikes when it comes to leisure time. Don't fall in to the trap of thinking that if you don't like to get wasted, then you're “not doing it properly”.

“You Only Have Time For Studying Or Partying, Not Both”

This is a classic line that is told to prospective students by current students who simply have not managed to find an appropriate balance in their own college social lives. Whilst college certainly is a test of your scheduling skills and a test of your priorities, there is absolutely not reason that you should have to sacrifice a side of your life in order to succeed during this time. The phrase ‘work hard, play hard' is pretty basic, but it does have a ring of truth to it in the sense that if you commit to scheduling your college work properly, you will find that you have just has much leisure time as you have ever had.

“You Should Blank Your Parents In Order To Become Independent”

Sure, whilst putting some distance between yourself and your parents can help in your own personal growth, you must remember that going to college is probably your biggest life change to date, and who do you want to be able to contact for some support and guidance during this time? Your parents, of course! The notion that parents are “uncool” is something that feels distinctly high school rather than college, and ignoring people that you live just because you think it is the done thing doesn't sound mature at all. Don't be afraid to go home for a weekend every not and then if you feel like you need to. At the end of the day, though a college social life is important, your overall happiness and peace of mind is even more so.

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