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Cover letter for internship

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An internship will give you real-world experience. The idea is that it will help you learn more about your profession, it will help give you experience that you may use to get a job in the future, and it helps you discover if the career path you have chosen is really the right one for you. There are three sections to each cover letter for an internship.

The first section - Introduction and your connection to the company's mission

The second section - Summary of your background and your skills

The third section - Thanking them for considering you

Before moving into the tips for your cover letter, remember that your cover letter for an internship will be sent via email, which means you need to send it via a professional email account. Do not send your cover letter with a funny or rude sounding email address. You may also need to order an admission essays if the internship is related to science projects ar research. So pay proper attention to guidelines.

Create a unique opening to your letter

This doesn't mean calling them all bad words and telling them you are too good to have them (because too many students have tried that). It means that every time you create a cover letter, you need to create a unique opening that is specifically built for that company. It needs to be personal and not sound like a cookie-cutter piece. Especially avoid things such as "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Sir."

Explain why you should be working for them

You need to connect the dots and explain how your personality and your skills are perfect for the job of intern, and how you will not let them down. You need to explain how you fit the job and how the job would offer a mutually beneficial arrangement. Read the job description closely to see what they are looking for and try to reword most of it and fit it into your letter. Do not copy them verbatim, but do steal a few pieces here and there. Most of the advert writers have forgotten what they wrote on the advert, and if you repeat a few of their own words back to them in your cover letter, then you may make more of an impact.

Add personality to your cover letter, but keep it concise

Adding fluff and such in order to make the cover letter appear more natural is not a good idea. You need to keep your cover letter concise. You have to remember that the people reading your cover letter are reading cover letters all the time. They have heard every joke and are typically unimpressed by clever or smart things. They are impressed by people that get to the point, with just a dash of personality. You can get to the point without making your cover letter feel sterile or clinical.

Double-check the job description for any extra instructions

Companies receive hundreds of internship applications every year, and what bothers them the most is the fact that students do not pay attention to their instructions. They want people that have enough attention to detail, and they want people that can follow simple instructions. If you cannot follow their internship cover letter instructions, then what good will you be when working for them. When you have finished writing your letter, go over the instructions one more time and double check that you have done everything they have told you to.

Try giving your cover letter to a friend. Ask them if they think it is okay. They will probably say it is fine because they are not really that invested in your cover letter. However, if there is a glaring mistake on your cover letter, then they may see it where you cannot.

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