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Costs of college - last minute aspects

Cost of College

Is it really to make college affordable?

There is one field a country should invest in without doubts - education. Since kids, everybody hears the same advice from parents, grandparents, educators, teachers and so on: You have to learn well, go to college and make something with your life. And we couldn't agree more. College is the academic institution that polishes an individual's character, including the way of thinking, acting and last, but the least, one's education and professional skills. But as you can all see, young people from 21st century deal with a dramatic issue - the obscene costs of college.

Why is college so expensive and why do the costs go higher each year?

We can't even get to complain about a year' taxes and fees for college, that the next year, they are even higher. So what caused this explosion of prices for a superior educational level?

There was a time when students could pay a year of tuition with the money made during summer. Now, this is definitely impossible. And here are the reasons why:

  • The salaries didn't keep up with inflation. This means that the purchasing power of the dollar went down, but the wages didn't go up. In English, with that amount of money gained in a summer like 40 years ago, in 2015 one cannot even pay for half a semester;
  • The expenses of administrating a college went up. One reason is again, the higher prices of all materials; the other one is represented by the bigger number of assistants, vices, and other employers;
  • Extra fees added by universities. Well, this one is on them - seeing that the prices of education are high anyway, college administrators have thought that some extra hundred of bucks won't matter. But guess what? They do matter and they do burden even more poor students;
  • Less state funding. It's easy to stay in front of a camera and praise that every high school graduate should go to college. But how could this happen when you cut funding?

How big are the recent students' debts?

While the college diploma is meant to help individuals make a step forward in their careers, the debts left behind make them stagnate. The total sum owned by students went from $360 billion in 2005, to $1.2 trillion today! In conclusion, the situation is worse every year.

President Obama has proposed to offer free tuition to students who meet several criteria (high grades is one of them), but this idea is still to be debated. However, it could be the breath of fresh air that low income students need so badly!

Coming elections brought up this issue too. Unfortunately, candidates are not that eager to offer education for free. They would settle with other programs meant to "ease" the returning of loans and maybe some more grants.

Consequences of expensive courses

Expensive college determines nation to face a dramatic dilemma: poor students cannot afford to pay for college and to overcome their social status; on the other side, rich young individuals happily attend college and reach even higher standards. The consequence - the gap between these two social layers becomes bigger every day. In the end, poor young individuals may think to just give up college and start building a career based on self-education and gained experience over the years. Of course, there won't be many, but the lucky ones could benefit from professional guidance and development from their employers. And as there are always alternatives - future students could consider attending universities from other countries. For example, Europe has the cheapest university programs.

What will the future bring?

As future politicians don't really like the words "free" or "cheap", we cannot think of positive changes. On the contrary, students with loans may have a dark perspective - having big sums of their salaries taken by universities.

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