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Coping with your stress before finals. Useful tips

desserts for stress removal

The stress you feel before your finals is a complex issue that psychologists and behaviorists have spent generations researching, but that doesn't matter to you. You do not need to understand how a car works in order to learn how to drive it, in the same way you do not have to understand the psychology of stress and anxiety to learn how to overcome it.

A healthy solution will help remove your anxiety

First, let's clarify the word "healthy" in this context. For example, if you were suffering with insomnia, then a bottle of whisky before bed would do the trick--but it wouldn't be very healthy. There are plenty of unhealthy ways of removing your anxiety and stress, but we only cover the healthy solutions.

+ There is no solution...right?

The logical solution is to finish your exams and do well in them. However, that is not the solution to your stress; it is simply the resolution of your stress. A solution is something that removes the feelings of stress and anxiety.

+ How anxiety and stress works in humans

Walk into your room and in there is a tall shadowy man in a corner against a wall. You experience a high degree of stress and you may enter "fight or flight" mode. You then notice that the shadowy man is nothing more than an old floor length coat you hung up, and instantly your stress disappears; like flicking a switch. You need a healthy solution that switches off your anxiety and stress in the same way.

Examples of stress-removal solutions

They do not include meditation, or crying to your friends, or herbal teas, or anything faux solution such as that. Added to which, the people that suggest such solutions have rarely ever passed an exam in their lives with the exception of their advanced degree in hydrotherapy that they took at Billie's Fish World and Emporium.

+ Plan for a future without your qualification

Create exciting plans for the things you are going to do with your life if you fail your exams. Do not be closed minded. There are literally millions of things you can do with your life without your qualifications. Create a plan for what you will do if you fail your exams to the point where you are more excited about your fail-plans than you are about passing your exams.

+ Make time in a manner that allows you more revision

One way many students cram in weeks of extra revision is to allow essay-writing services to do the work for them. For example, you could use a coursework help, prepare your essays and dissertations, and you do your revision whilst they write them. Your professors allocated time for you to write your essays, but you spend that time revising instead. That way, you have high-scoring dissertations and essays, and you have had more revision time than the other students.

+ Accept that at this point you cannot affect the results

A lack and/or loss of control is what causes stress in a lot of people. Oddly enough, it also leads to an addictive attitude, which is why it is imperative you find healthy solutions to your stress. If you are just weeks away from your finals, then a little extra cramming may help, but the truth is that if you are going to fail--then there is little you can do about it. At this stage, you need to accept you cannot change the results and just accept whatever results come your way. If you "do" fail your finals, then maybe you should accept that your chosen career isn't really what you want to do, or that you are not good enough to do your chosen career.

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