News Jul 8th 2016

Best Pokemon Hacks to Try Right Now

Pokemon go

Did you know that Pokemon GO is a Nintendo game? With that in mind, you should not be so surprised that they have brought back an old set of characters with a new game. After all, Nintendo have been doing that for almost 20 years. If your phone is compatible, you may download the Pokemon GO app and run off around the streets looking for Pokemon creatures. Hit a few Pokemon gyms to level up your Pokemon, stop by a PokeStop for some supplies, and enjoy your Poke hunting. It is time to outsource your assignments and your homework to professionals and catch 'em all!

1. The footprints indicate distance

If you see footprints leading off in the direction of a Pokemon, they are actually giving you an idea of how far away the Pokemon is. In the game Pokemon GO, if you are 300 meters away, it will show three footprints, if you are 200 then two footprints, and if it is 100 or less, then it is one footprint.

2. You can transfer your duplicate Pokemon

On your Pokemon viewer (Pokeball button), choose a Pokemon and scroll down. Now select 'Transfer' and you will be given candy in return for your Pokemon. You may use your candy to increase combat power or force evolutions.

3. Claim free times from the shop

You are able to buy things without going to a Pokemon shop. You have to open up your shop menu with the Pokeball icon and buy things such as Pokeballs for real money. At the top right of the screen, you will see a green shield. If you tap it every day, then each day it should give you a free reward.

4. What do those rings mean?

When you find a Pokemon, you may see a ring around it. The ring lets you know how easy or difficult it is to catch the Pokemon in question. Wait until the ring is at its smallest until you make your throw. Do not purchase things in order to catch them more easily. For example, do not buy the berries that turn their ring green (meaning they are easier to catch). Do not buy them because they are not worth the money.

5. Roll your ball

If you want more XP, you need to hold on to your Pokeball and make a rotating motion until your ball is sparkling. When it is, you should release your ball and catch the Pokemon monster. You get more XP because using sparkling balls is more difficult, which means you are more likely to waste Pokeballs. It may be worth the sacrifice if you are able to build your experience points.

6. There is a battery saver mode

Most people see their batteries die within a few minutes of playing Pokemon GO because it is a massive power vampire. People are unwilling to turn off their phones when they are out and about because it resets the game, which means the eggs nearby may not have hatched. If you go to your Pokemon GO settings, you may turn on the battery saving mode. When your phone is upside down (like when it is in your pocket), it will turn off your screen, but not turn off the game, so the game doesn't reset, but you are able to save some battery life.

7. Evolve a knocked out Pokemon and it will receive full health

When you evolve your Pokemon, it regains all of its health, just like when you first found it. You may be able to save things such as yellow potions when your Pokemon has little life, if you were planning to evolve your Pokemon with candy and stardust anyway.

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