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7 Tips to Write an Outstanding Job Application

Job Application

Most people encounter problems when it comes to apply for a job post, especially for starters like recent graduates who barely know where to start, as nobody is teaching them at school how to apply for a job.

Graduation is the perfect symbol for both an end and a beginning in our life and getting a job it out first chance to take credit for all your hard work, realizing that it wasn't all in vain after all.

A job application requires a CV, which means “the course of life” in Latin, expressing literally what you have to write in this document. You'll be writing about your skills and experiences you achieve or, in other words, summarizing your past according to your accomplishments in order to prove that you'd be a perfect fit in the recruiter's team.

With no more further ado, here are 7 best tips to write an outstanding job application:

  1. Choose the Format

Firstly, you must decide how you'd like your application to look like. For starters, there are 3 basic and accepted format types:

  • Chronological – the most common one for it classify the information chronologically

  • Functional – which classifies the information conform your abilities, skills, and achievements

  • Hybrid – is a gentle mixture between the above-mentioned formats

Concerning the format there are several things you should keep in mind like keeping your CV at an average length of one page and choosing a readable and professional font type and size like Arial and Calibri at 10,5 to maximum 12 points.

  1. Leave Your Contact Info

Many people wonder where it would be the most appropriate to leave their contact information. Well, the answer is simple, right at the top of the page, better in the left corner if all the text is aligned to the left. Let's see what personal info you should provide:

  • Full name

  • Personal phone number

  • Email address (a professional one)

  • Social media handles (ex. LinkedIn)

  • Address (if you're applying at a local company you'd better exclude it)

  1. Introduce Yourself

As in every civilized conversation, you start by introducing yourself, so the other person can have at least a slight background of you. Same must happen in your job application as you're about to express your course of life so he must know who you are.

Be aware, for this information can play a very important role as the recruiter will spend around 10 seconds to read your CV and this introduction of yourself is your best chance to catch his eye. Failing to do so it will not be in your advantage.

  1. Create Educational and Experience Sections

Both these sections are extremely important, but as most probably recent graduates don't have legit experience they should focus on their volunteering experience more in this section.

Concerning the educational section, you'd better organize it in a reverse chronological order and include this type of information:

  • Your degree

  • Your major

  • The University you graduated

  • Awards and honors

  1. Dedicate a Section for Your Skills

Your purpose is to do your best to increase your chances to get the call. Therefore, a skills sections is crucial to achieve it. In this section you must create a list where you include all your skills, but make sure to match with the skills required in the job description, of course, if you want to pass the ATS software.

  1. Tailor Your Application

Tailoring is another extremely important and crucial I might add to get an interview. But what does this mean? Well, tailoring is simply meaning to add keywords and information (like the skills) in your application to match the job description.

Now, you may wonder “why is this so important?” You see, you're not the only one who applies for that job post, usually are dozens or hundreds besides you, so there is no way a recruiter to read all those job applications.

There is a special software called Applicant Tracking System, short ATS, which was created specifically to compare your application with the job description. So, that's why you need to tailor your resume.

  1. Proofread

Even if is hard to believe this, many fail to proofread their application and send it as it is. This crucial mistake may be the most common reason why many don't get the call. We are human, and we're not perfect, so we should expect mistakes in our application.

If not, what impression do you think you'll make if your CV is full of misspelled words and grammar issues. Not a very good one, right? If you want to make sure everything is perfect you'd better ask a friend to take a look over it and use a grammar tool like Grammarly.


Here you are with all the knowledge you need to be able to write an outstanding job application. Now, what are you waiting for? it's time to take action and write it so you can successfully win your call for a face to face interview.

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