News May 6th 2016

Become a Super-You! Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Have to Enroll in a Yoga Class

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Wondering why everybody around you seems to be obsessed with yoga lately? Yes, it may be a bit about the sexy yoga pants, but there's far more to the practice than that. Here are just a few of the ways yoga can help you and why you should enroll in a class.

1. It Will Give You More Energy to Get You Through the Day

If you feel there's not enough life in you to handle classes, exams, work, and day-to-day life in general, yoga is your savior! First off, practicing yoga daily helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake up refreshed and revitalized. Also, the breathing exercises you will learn in your yoga class allow your blood to receive more oxygen, which results in increased energy levels. And, finally, the practice regulates your cortisol levels, a hormone that is closely linked to stress and fatigue.

2. You Will Learn to Meditate and Relax

Learning how to meditate, concentrate and relax is fundamental to yoga and will help you in every other aspect of your life as well. Concentrating only on your breathing and not thinking about anything else at all may be an immense challenge, since this is what your mind loves to do the most: wander around, chatter, analyze and over-analyze non-stop. But once you get the hang of it, you will become a more relaxed version of you, gain more control over yourself, and even see life differently overall!

3. It Will Make Your Body Stronger

Even though it's so relaxing, yoga works your whole body – and works it hard! You will find yourself stronger and better toned, all without having to use weights or any workout gadgets. With yoga, your own body and gravity are your exercise equipment. Most importantly, the practice also boosts your immune system, giving your body the strength to ward off illness.

4. You Will Have a Professional by Your Side to Guide You

Yes, we know, you can very easily slide a DVD in or open a YouTube video you can follow along to, so why bother going to a class? Because no training video, no matter how well put-together, is truly interactive. With a professional by your side to watch you, correct your postures, and give you advice tailored to your specific case, you will be able to improve yourself much faster.

5. Yoga Improves Your Memory

Yoga not only oxygenates your blood, but also improves blood flow to your brain, and it is also believed to stimulate the production of the BDNF protein, which supports the survival of existing neurons and stimulates the development of new neurons and synapses. Even practicing just 20 minutes of yoga per day can have great effects on your brain, improving your memory considerably!

6. … and It Boosts Your Sexual Life, So That You Make Great New Memories to Remember

Practicing yoga on a regular basis can improve sexual arousal, desire, confidence, satisfaction and orgasms in both women and men. It's not only because it gets you a super-sexy body and gives you strength and flexibility (though these help a lot, too) – it's also because it boosts blood flow to the genital areas, which greatly helps with arousal. What's more, the mind control and breathing you learn through the practice are also very helpful in the bedroom.

7. You Will Make New Friends

Yoga is, indeed, about connecting to your inner self, but attending classes will also help you connect with others. Sharing experiences, difficulties and achievements is a great way to get people closer together - plus there are poses that require you to work with a partner, so what better opportunity to make new friends?

As you can see, taking yoga classes can help you on so many levels, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a yoga mat and be ready to become a super-you!

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