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7 Possible Jobs That You Can Do With a Creative Writing Degree


An excellent writer will always do great professionally. Writing is definitely one of the most needed skills in today's marketplace, and those who master it properly will gain numerous professional advantages. The reason is simple: content is everywhere around us. Therefore, possessing a creative writing degree will only improve your professional reputation and grow your chances of landing better jobs.

Nevertheless, many creative writers are struggling to find the best jobs that will allow them to leverage their creative writing skills. If you're in that position, you should rest assured. You're not the only one. Back when I finished my studies, I was eager to start writing poetry for the rest of my life. Well, life had a different plan for me and ended up being a content management director for a big company.

Bottom point is, you'll never know where life will bring you. You're young, full of energy, and you have lots of opportunities ahead of you. Here are 7 possible jobs that you can do with a creative writing degree:

1. Online Content Publisher

Owning a creative writing degree could help you attain an exciting online publishing career. There are lots of websites, blogs, and magazines that will gladly offer you a job if they like your writing style and they find it valuable for their business.

As an online content publisher, your job is to write quality content that web users will later consume. You'll slowly improve your professional reputation and you'll become a respected content publisher that all companies would love to have.

2. Ghostwriter

A creative writing degree is useful for many jobs that require you to work a lot of hours. However, you can become a ghostwriter and create your own working schedule. Similar to online content publishing, ghostwriting supposes writing content for various clients.

The difference is that your name will not be featured next to the content that you developed. Instead, you'll receive more financial compensations as the content you are selling is valuable and often expensive.

3. Journalism

As long as you own a creative writing degree, journalism is another field of activity that will welcome you with open arms. Just like programmers are used to work with numbers and code, you are used to working with words. Therefore, presenting relevant news and information to the masses could suit you very well.

A respected journalist will always reap his rewards later, as all of his work has, is, and have a tremendous impact on many people's lives.

4. Marketing, Advertising, and Copywriting

If you are great with words, you'll often be great with people. Marketing, advertising, and copywriting are just two of the fields that you can easily approach when you own a writing degree. These professional careers are suited for those who are passionate and seek to understand how people think, act, and purchase things. The better you can convey your ideas and messages the more valuable you'll be to the company who hires you.

5. Teacher

If you love children, teaching might be the career that could suit you best. Teaching is an amazingly important activity that many people underappreciate. Nevertheless, there are many teaching positions and roles, and you could occupy the one that deals with the teaching of writing skills. Become an English teacher or start your own private courses and sell them online!

6. Social Media Manager

Great writers are often (but not always) great communicators. Nowadays, many companies are looking for professionals that can help with the development of their social media presence. With your degree and a little proof of relevant writing skills, you can land a social media job in no time. There's a lot of job information on this topic, so make sure you take a take a quick look.

7. Web Development

Web development is another field of activity that requires complex skills. You can't just know how to design a website and make it functional. You must also know how to write the basic content: the homepage, the most important 10 pages of the site, the “About Us”, the “Terms and Policies” , and so on.

As long as you can show your relevant web development expertise in the first place, owning a creative writing degree will be an additional “resume asset” that every employer will be glad to see.


A creative writing degree is a great asset to have, especially in today's ever-changing marketplace. Writing skills are becoming more and more important as the time goes by, and more companies will require great writers in their teams. If you can write, you can create business content. You can also write news, market products, teach other people how to write, manage social media channels, and develop websites. The question is…are you ready to begin?

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