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Being a student is the most exciting and at the same time the most challenging thing ever. Yet, it's true what people say. Your student life is precious. You will always remember it. That's why it is important to learn as much as you can, and just to rock on while you are still in college.

Even though studying in college is always so much fun, the most favorite time for every student is a summer break. It's that great time when you don't actually have to study, but you can definitely keep the fun part going.

There is one extremely important rule to remember. Keep planning your summer break beforehand. It might feel like summer will last forever. But, if you don't plan cool stuff to do this summer, you will be singing sad songs like “Summer Moved On” by A-Ha, or Lana del Ray's “Summertime Sadness”.

If you want to get tons of new emotions and memories, you can use any of these 5 ways to make the most of your summer:

  1. Travel

No wonder Instagram is filled with photos of people traveling around the world. For example, check out Instagram pages of travel blogger Leonie Hanne, or a travel photographer Vivian Hoorn. Traveling is amazing. It's a fact. If you haven't traveled anywhere yet, it's high time you change it. You will feel how great it is once you are in another country.

There are tons of travel ideas for students during their summer break, like the following ones:

  • Plan a eurotrip, just like college graduates did in a popular American comedy movie. Talk to your friends, pick a few destinations, buy plane tickets, pack your bags and go have fun in Europe.
  • Go hiking to the mountains or go backpacking.
  • Visit a surf camp on Bali. This is something exotic, but you are a student, you are young and active, surfing can become a new religion for you. Think about it. It's an awesome idea.
  1. Learn New Things

Learning something new is always a great idea. For instance, you can learn a new foreign language. It's a wonderful new skill that will help you in your future and will look good on your resume when you apply for your first job after college. You can learn a new language yourself using the Internet, or sign up for some intensive summer language courses. That's also a good idea, you will learn faster and find like-minded friends.

You can also just wander around your native city and take some excursion, which I'm sure you haven't done before. Let's say, if you live in London, look for some excursions online and sign up for one. You'll be surprised how interesting it can be. It's a simple idea, but you will actually learn new facts about your favorite places. Furthermore, when your foreign friends visit you, you will be a tour guide for them.

  1. Do Sports

Student life can be physically difficult. You study a lot, don't sleep enough, go to parties that last until morning, etc. To keep healthy in that kind of mode, you need to eat healthy food and do sports. Summer is the perfect time for you to get new energy after all that studying you've been doing during your college year.

This summer try either new sports, like horseback riding, or kart racing. Choose the one that suits your temper. Or just go with the usual options, like jogging or cycling. To make it more fun, set a challenge for yourself, start preparing for a running marathon or a cycling competition. This way you'll have a great motivation.

  1. Hang Out with Friends

Summer is time to bond with your friends and groupmates. If you met cool people on campus, hang out with them, find out what they are like. Maybe you'll have a friend for life after college.

If you live on campus, it means you don't see your family that often. You should definitely visit your parents and relatives and make sure to spend quality time with them. They are your closest people in the world. They miss you for sure.

Another great idea is to walk alone. Who knows, maybe you will meet the love of your life while walking by yourself and enjoying new places. Or you might just find new friends who are interesting to talk to.

  1. Do Volunteer Work

Volunteering is useful. Isn't it great to feel that you helped someone? Start doing important selfless deeds while you are still a student. You will be proud of yourself. You can help other people (homeless people or elderly ones), children or animals who need our care and attention. You will become a better person and bring peace and a good example to our world.

Doing volunteer work can actually count as a work experience sometimes. So, in any case, volunteering matters.

To Sum Up

Your summer will be useful and fun this year for sure. Now you can choose what to do and how to plan your summer break. Make it fun, make it useful, make it surprising. And you will have lots of stories to tell in college after your summer break ends. Have a good time!

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