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6 Simple Summer Jobs for Students


The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and school is finally over. Summer is here. It's time to bask in the sun, spend your days in the beach and have fun. But wait, summer is not only for getting sun-kissed, it's also the perfect time to earn extra cash and gain some experience which will benefit you in the future.

There are several jobs out there and looking for the one that suits you best would be quite overwhelming especially if you have no experience. Do you love animals? Are you great with kids? Are you the athletic kind of teen or the studious one? Your skills and interests play a big part in choosing the job that you want and they will help you find the job that you are most qualified for.

You may feel that being young and inexperienced will hinder you from being part of the work force, but rest assured that there are jobs that you may be qualified for, as long as you are truly interested and willing to make an effort, and use your abilities to make extra cash during the summer.

Here's a list of summer jobs for students who want to earn extra cash

1. Baby Sitter

Rate: $11-$16.65 per hour

Median: $10.15 per hour

This is probably the “oldest” summer job or part time job on the list but still in demand until today. Parents have a lot on their plate, and they probably have the hardest job in the world—being parents. They need some time off too. That's where baby sitters come into play. As a baby sitter, you are given the responsibility of looking out for the well-being of a parent's greatest treasure. If you have younger siblings and have experience taking care of them, then that is a plus for you. You already have a fairly good idea of what to expect working with children.

2. Pet Sitter

Rate: $35-$65 per night + $10 per additional pet

Median: $12.69 per hour

It's not only the children who need adult supervision, our furry friends need them too. Summer is the time when people go on vacations and sadly, for some reason, they can't always bring their four-legged family members along with them. This is when the services of a pet sitter come in. If you are an animal lover, then this job is the one for you. Not only you will be able to earn some hefty bucks, but you will enjoy every moment, too. This summer job for you if you especially if you love being around cute, furry animals.

3. Lifeguard

Rate: $7.76-$12.29 per hour + tip

Median: $9.23 per hour

During the summer season, pools and beaches are always packed with people. If you are an outdoorsy person and you love the water, this job is tailor-made for you. But being a lifeguard is not an easy task. You always have to be alert and have a keen eye for detail. And you have to be a good swimmer, of course. You should also know basic water rescue as well as how to administer first aid and perform CPR.

4. Pool Cleaner

Rate: $8.52-$19.82 per hour

Median: $10.76 per hour

Pools are in demand especially during the summer. As they are more frequently used during this season, they need more maintenance. It's not an easy task but it could be enjoyable for you especially if you like being outdoors.

5. Tutor

Rate: $9.89-$21.67 per hour

Median: $17.66 per hour

Yes, school is over but that doesn't mean that learning should stop. Aside from earning money teaching your peers or people younger than you, you also get a chance to review your past lessons or learn new things. Being a tutor will also be a good training ground for you if you are planning on becoming a teacher.

6. Caddy

Rate: $100-$120 for an 18-hole round

You get paid for following golfers around and carrying their bags for them. You get to hold and clean their balls too. If that doesn't sound glamorous enough, you also get to walk in landscaped grounds or just stand there and bask in the sun for extended periods of time. Working as a golf course caddy is quite a challenge but it can also be fun especially with all that free exercise.

These are just some of the jobs that students can have during the summer break. Holding a job is not easy, but if you find something that you are interested in, or if the job entails doing activities that you love, then you can earn some extra cash and at the same time, have fun during your summer break.

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