News Apr 14th 2017

5 Inspiring Start-ups by College Students


Brilliant ideas turned into businesses that solve people's problems in education, sports, medicine, warehousing and… food cravings!

Some of us just got through college thinking about the job we'd like to get at the end of it. Others are more entrepreneurial, starting businesses to solve problems we face in the world. Here are some of the more inspiring ones:


Started by three Indian students and a German, Rahul Gopal, Hiten Patel and PerceusMody and Katja Walter at Mississippi State University, US, CampusKnot is an online educational hub. The website's home page of a cute naïve picture of people on campus belie the seriousness of the app's mission to solve the problem of connecting students and lecturers at a university, both horizontally and vertically. It does this by encouraging collaboration between all parties and providing a host of organizational tools. Through this free app, professors and teachers can manage their class schedules, post on free discussion boards, upload assignments, post photos, and ask questions. The developers are socially conscious and donate a percentage of the company's revenue to the “Being Student Foundation” to help buy books and stationary.


This startup was founded by three students of George Washington University in the US in 2012, who were all competitive athletes and also passionate about technology. An ideal combination for making an app that combines a sporting problem with a technological solution. The app is all about keeping athletes in a team, coaches, parents, administrators and facility owners connected. The app helps to streamline sports facility management as well.

The strap-line for the app is: An all-in-one for athletes, AthleteTrax is a team member's dream. Team members and others can contact each other at any time about practices, competitions, events. It's not free, but the cost is small enough to warrant its use.

Insomnia Cookies

A brilliant idea that seems so trivial is Seth Berkowitz's app Insomnia Cookies. One night, while studying a marathon session, Seth felt like a cookie but it was either too late to go get one or the shops were closed. So he simply baked his own. Soon everyone wanted one of Seth's cookies, and the app was born. Insomnia delivers cookies, cakes, brownies and even ice cream with toppings to your door. Deliveries end at 3am making it the perfect place to call for those late night sessions! It's still mainly campus based, but that's around 90 campuses. Here's a taster of the menu.

Grey Orange Robotics

Another brilliant startup by students, which is now an international company, is Grey Orange Robotics. It was founded by two engineering student, both SamayKohli and Akash Gupta in 2011, who studied atBirla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India. The originators created robots which they intended to use in training systems in education. Over time, howeverthey saw how robots could be used much more efficiently than people in warehousing at distribution and fulfillment centres. Today the company has offices in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and UAE, and a state-of-the-art Research and Development center in Gurgaon, India.

Practo Technologies

Practo Technologies was born out one student's personal need to help his father with a medical issue. Shasank ND was a student at the National Institute of Technology Karnatakain Surathkal In India, when his father needed an operation. Shasank wanted to get a second opinion on the operation for his father from an American doctor, but could not find any information. So he and another final year engineering student, Abhinav Lal started PractoTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Intended for patients to be able to researchdoctors, it has a wealth of information about all doctors who sign up worldwide. Patients can book physical appointments online with the doctor of their choice, or even consult a doctor online. You can also order medicines and read articles about health. Yet another way of making the globe smaller!

Whether it's a warm comforting cookie you need to get you through a hard night's studying, or a sophisticated robot to operate in a warehousing situation, these brilliant college students were able to action their ideas and develop successful apps or products that the world needs.

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