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5 Reasons That Should Keep You Away from Sugary Drinks

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Did you know that the most common reason for which people end up overweight is the excessive consumption of sugary beverages? It's no secret that sodas are really unhealthy because of how much sugar they contain. Two out of three adults in the US are overweight or obese, and one out of three children have the same condition.

The raising consumption of sugary drinks produces a dramatic effect, increasing the obesity rate of the population. Typically, a 20-ounce soda bottle contains up to 18 teaspoons of pure sugar, and a total of 250+ calories. Beverage companies are spending billions of dollars in order to successfully market these 'deadly drinks'. Oh, by the way, did you know that they're addictive too? Here are some good reasons to stay away from sugary drinks:

#1 - They Have Lots of Calories, But They Don't Make You Feel Full

Even though 64-ounce soda bottle can contain up to 700 calories, it is not enough to fulfil your hunger. According to WebMD, a male between 19 and 30 years old, moderately active, is supposed to consume an average of 2700 calories each day. Now let's do the math. You have to eat every day. Sometimes, you're skipping the home meal and eat fast food. A fast food meal could contain over 1000 calories, and a soda bottle fills up another 700 calories. And this is all happening while having just ONE meal, continued by a soda. You now probably understand why sugary drinks and obesity are often linked. Stay away if you don't want to end up fat and miserable.

#2 - They Cause Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is currently affecting over 300 million people around the world. Basically, because of how much sugar is being introduced in one's body, the insulin resistance is increased. Considering this information, it's not false to assume that type 2 diabetes appearance is greatly influenced by soda consumptions. There are many studies confirming this, and that should raise some questions to those who value their future. Drinking one soda can a day can increase the type 2 diabetes risk by 1,1%.

#3 - They Can Become Addictive

These drinks already come up with a lot of disadvantages like health and weight management problems. Another issue is their addictive nature. The logical explanation is that sugar releases dopamine (the pleasure substance in our brains). As humans, we're hardwired to look for pleasure. Many studies show that sugary products can be as addictive as other drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine, and marijuana. Most of the times, the addiction is a psychological one, but it can soon become a physical one. Your body gets used to a certain amount of sugar, and then it needs to be supplied over and over again.

#4 - They Can Cause Heart-Disease

Sugar consumption is known to create a bigger risk of heart disease. The studies have begun since the 60's, and continued to progress up until now, when we're certainly sure that sugary products increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. There was an interesting study, which followed 40,000 men for 20 years, and concluded that those who were drinking a sugary drink each day presented a 20% higher risk of dying from a heart attack.

#5 - They are a Disaster for Your Dental Health

Sugar destroys teeth. A soda, leaving out the crazy amount of sugar, also contains phosphoric acid and carbonic acid. These substances are extremely harmful for your teeth, as they create an acidic environment in your mouth. What's even worse is that sugar actually creates room for bad bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria, when combined with phosphoric and carbonic acid, will create a very harmful effect on your dental health.

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