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5 Best TV Series to Watch This Summer

Congratulations! You've done it! You've made it through the hell that is revising for and actually sitting your finals, and now you have the whole of the summer to reclaim your social and pop culture life. Being out of the loop when you have your head in your books can be a really strange time: you see articles about movies and TV shows that you know absolutely nothing about, but we are here to save you from this world of pop culture ostracism with our tips for the five best TV shows to watch this summer now that you have the freedom to sit back on the couch and enjoy a good binge watch or two!

1. Vinyl


Showing on HBO, Vinyl stars Bobby Cannavale as Richie Finestra, an under stress president of a record company who is trying to save his failing business and his overall soul from the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the 1970's music scene. This series was co-created by none other than Martin Scorsese, so you know for sure that the quality will be almost cinematic in nature. Other stars of the show include Olivia Wilde, Max Casella, Juno Temple, Andrew Dice Clay and Ray Romano!

2. One Mississippi

one mississippi

Anyone who is aware of the hilarious comedian Tig Notaro will know what they are in for with this new darkly comic show. It is a semi-autobiographical tale of the time in Tig's life where she battled not one but two life threatening illnesses including breast cancer, as well as returning home to Mississippi tomourn the death of her one of a kind mother Caroline. Tig's sense of humor is deliciously dark and her observational comedy is among some of the best on the scene right now.

3. Taboo

tom hardy taboo

If the words ‘roguish' and Tom Hardy are words that are likely to get you hot under the collar, then Taboo is definitely going to be the show for you! The hunky British actor is going to star as James Delaney, an adventurer who returns from America to Britain in 1813 with a bag full of stolen diamonds in tow, hell bent on getting revenge for the death of his father. The series is apparently based off of an idea that Hardy himself came up with, and we are sure the eight episodes will be showing off his talents perfectly.

4. The Get Down

get down

Is there something of a Glee or Smash shaped hole in your life ever since the musical shows disappeared from the air? Well don't fear! The Get Down is here to solve your problems! This is as an all-singing, all-dancing series about a group of teenagers from the Bronx who are dealing with growing up in the cash strapped New York of the 1970s, eventually becoming key figures in the birth and growth of the burgeoning disco and hip-hop scenes in across the city.

5. The Young Pope

the young pope jude law

The Young Pope is a show that tells the story of Lenny Belardo, a very youthful Cardinal who becomes the youngest pope in the history of the Catholic Church, Pius XIII. Entirely fictional, the series stars Jude Law as the aforementioned Lenny, and prominently features the legendary Diane Keaton as Sister Mary, a nun who helps him rise to his position of power at such a young age. The eight episodes are sure to be filled with political intrigue and interesting twists and turns. We expect nothing less from a show that displays the inner workings of such a powerful establishment as the Catholic Church!

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