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5 Best Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts

The Christmas season is supposed to be a time of joy and feelings of peace and benevolence towards your fellow man. However, it can be very hard to feel the Christmas spirit when being jostled in a crowded mall of harried and equally short-tempered fellow shoppers or battling traffic and racing for that last parking space in the general vicinity of where you want to be.

It can also be downright dangerous walking on icy streets and risking a twisted ankle and frostbite. You go through all that just to end up with a tie for a bloke who will not like it anyway. It just makes much better sense to slip out of your layers of clothing, mix yourself a drink, and cosy up to a warm fire with your laptop and choose an awesome gift he is sure to love online.

Here are some awesome suggestions fit for the budget conscious.

Streaming Dongle: Fire Stick TV

This will definitely stoke a fire in any man's breast. This little gadget plugs into any HDTV for streaming thousands of streaming TV episodes and movies available Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, and many more. It has a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM to make streaming seamless, and includes 8GB of storage, so it can double as a thumb drive. He will also be able to access music, games, and apps from any HDTV in any room. You can choose the standard stick for £34.99 or the voice remote version for £44.99, both free to ship anywhere in the UK. Order it now to get it to him by Christmas!

Recipe Book: The Kitchen Party Grub

The title may be a bit more American gangster than you like, but men love their party grub the same anywhere in the world. Make his day in the kitchen a worthwhile event with this collection of recipes that will suit any male appetite and food persuasion. Kindle version is £9.99; hardbound version is £10.39 plus shipping.

Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle/Thermos: Vinnebago by Corkcicle

There is nothing like hot toddy to keep your insides warm on a cold day. Give him the gift of warmth with this thermal flask guaranteed to keep your cold drinks cold for 25 hours, and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours. It is an attractive matte black and handy 750 ml, so you can put in a whole bottle of wine without anyone being the wiser. Its triple insulation also guarantees no annoying sweating. Ships free to the UK as a gift for £29.99.

Wallet: Bellroy Men's Leather Note Sleeve

All men want a wallet they won't have to struggle with to get out of their pocket, and to get cards or money out. This Bellroy product is perfect for tall currencies; you won't have to fold it like with a regular wallet, but it is still slim and fits nicely into any pocket without bulging. It stores up to 11 cards, and it has three quick access slots plus the tab feature to help you pull out less used cards. It even has a three-year warranty. Ships free in the UK as a gift at £65.00.

Remote Control Toy: Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millenium Falcon Quad

Okay, this is a bit pricier that you probably intended at more thanb £107.99. It may be less functional than the other stuff, but it looks so awesome he is sure to love it even if he is not a Star Wars fan. It flies just like a real space ship, has LED lights, and makes realistic sounds. Is it the dream toy of a 10-year-old? Maybe so, but all men are perpetual kids, anyway. It may be all he wants for Christmas.

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