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5 Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Face it. Christmas is only fun for kids. Sure, you go to a lot of parties and dress up to the nines, but it can get really old really fast when you are worried about all the last-minute shopping you have yet to do. The kids are the easiest to buy for, but a woman that has everything may be a bit trickier. You can choose to battle your way through traffic and brave the malls, or you can make it easy on yourself and enjoy everything the season has to offer by making the Internet your Santa's helper. You can choose what you want at your leisure, and even have it delivered to her doorstep with little trouble.

Here are some suggestions for the best Christmas gifts for her.

Beauty Products Gift Set: Birchbox

Take the guesswork out of your gift giving. All women love samples, and getting a box of high-quality beauty products every month is sure to send her over the moon! Birchbox offers a 3-month subscription for £38.85 and a 6-month subscription for £67.70 (plus £2.95 P&P per month). It is like giving her a Christmas treat three or six times over. If you order now, she also gets a limited edition Luxe Birchbag instead of the box for her December goodies. How is that for a smashing idea?

Paperback: Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling

Did she cry when The Mindy Project went off the air? Chances are she loves the quirky, tongue-in-cheek meanderings of this Indian-American comedian in her ongoing quest for a weight loss program that requires no change in lifestyle or behaviour at all. This collection of essays should be the perfect gift to get your girl laughing and crying at the same time. You can gift it instantly as a Kindle edition for £9.49 or as a gift-wrapped paperback for £9.09 plus shipping.

Fashionista Finds: Vogue: The Covers

This coffee book collection of the most iconic covers in Vogue magazine history is sure to appeal to any woman with a sense of style and fashion. The 300-page hardcover book traces the history and stories behind the covers. It gives a fascinating peek at how fashion trends and looks came to be. It is a great addition to any book collection, and looks pretty good on the table, too. It is available as a gift for £28.00 with free delivery.

Ecoliving: Makerskit Mini Hanging Air Plant Kit

Does she speak longingly of the lush gardens of her childhood home? Give her something green to grow in her tiny apartment with this suspended terrarium in a cleverly adorable glass globe. The kit comes with vouchers for two live Tillandsia, also known as air plants, shipped separately. It also comes with 2 hanging "bubbles" for their homes, decorative rocks, preserved lichen and moss, and a water atomizer. It may come a little late for Christmas, but it is worth the wait. Note that you have to order the plants separately using the voucher once the kit arrives. You pay £78.40 plus £16.04 shipping.

Perfume: Chloe See Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette Spray

Floral fragrances uplift any woman's mood-something she may need to get her past frazzled nerves from the Christmas holidays. This 50 ml bottle comes from the house of Chloe. At the heart of it are the combined scents of jasmine and apple blossom over vetiver and musk base notes. It is sweet smelling without being cloying, always a good thing on a woman. Present her with this fragrance and see her face soften and light up with pleasure at the first whiff. It is available as a gift at £27.92 with free delivery.

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