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10 Things You Should Do Before The End of Year

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As 2017 is slowly coming to an end, you might start planning for the upcoming year. Before the holiday season knocks on your door, how about doing something special with the time that has remained? You have the chance to make up for all the lost opportunities you had in 2017.

First, prepare a to-do list. Ask yourself the following questions: What have I missed this year? Is there just one more thing I would like to add on my list? If so, what is that, and how can I do it? Remember! This year is not over yet, so you still have plenty of time to fulfill the goals you made for 2017. Here are some ideas on what you could do!

1. Take Care of Unfinished Business

Do not leave unfinished business for the next year! Make up with someone you fought with, finish your work/school projects, buy that item you've been craving for months. Entering the new year with a happy face and a big smile is a great way to make the best out of 2018!

2. Reconnect With an Old Friend

The new year will bring in new friends and connections! Make sure you keep in touch with your old contacts though. It is nice hearing from an old friend every now and then. Debugging old stories and bygone memories over a glass of good wine is always a great idea. So, let your friends know that you miss them!

3. Host a Party

A little party never killed nobody! Gather your friends and party hard until the break of dawn! Celebrate all of this year's accomplishments. Dance, sing, drink, you deserve this! Have a blast, and thank 2017 for bringing in so many good things for you.

4. Sell What You Don't Need

Get rid of all the items that you do not need. There is no point in keeping them without using them. Keeping the old stuff will make it harder for you to organize belongings. Replace the old items with new purchases or home-made objects. Design the house as you wish, and decorate for Christmas in your own style!

5. Do Something You Always Wanted To

You must have had New Year resolutions for 2017. Is there something you've missed? Like getting a tattoo, riding a rollercoaster, or even dining with your spouse? If there was at least one thing you wished to do this year but didn't have the chance to, now it's the time to do it.

6. Create a Meal Plan for January

Keep organized and healthy by creating a new eating strategy for January. Write down your dietary restrictions along with favorite foods, and make up a meal plan for the next month. Include all three meals into your plan, and decide beforehand how healthy you are going to eat next year. Remember – we are what we eat.

7. Clean Up the House

It's that time of the year again! You must clean up the entire house, cook, and prepare hundreds of presents. I know it can be tiring, but you can make it enjoyable! Play some music while vacuuming the floor, and listen to podcasts while cooking for your family.

8. Take a Vacation

Have a great time with your friends and family by taking a mini-vacation. Book a weekend at a low-cost hotel in Florida, and spend some quality time with your folks. Visit Orlando's attractions. Wander through Harry Potter World at Universal. Watch Minnie sing at Disney. Relax, and recharge your batteries for the new year!

9. Reflect

Here are some basic questions you should think about:

  • How have you been doing this year?
  • Are you satisfied with your progress?
  • Is there anything you wish you've done better?
  • Are there any regrets? If so, how can you avoid them in the future?
  • How can you become a better person?

10. Set New Goals

After you have reflected on 2017, remember that 2018 is waiting for you. Set new goals for the next year and do not look behind. Be proud of who you are, and aim at even higher goals for the upcoming year.

Wrap Up

Before you leave 2017, make sure you have done everything you've planned for this year. Look at yourself, and meditate on your expectations and behavior. Come at peace with yourself by making the last change!

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